A good and refreshing night's sleep

A good night's sleep provides us with energy and a sense of well-being and so is as important as food and drink or the air that we breathe.

Feeling comfortable

Make sure that you feel comfortable in your bed and in your bedroom. Paradies bedding gently cocoons you as you sleep, is lightweight and can be tailored to your requirements depending on whether you want something fluffy, bulky or soft.

Temperature balancing products

Not only does your bedroom temperature fluctuate with the seasons, but your bedding also has a major impact on the climate in which you sleep. That is why we offer exactly the right filling for every season according to whether you want it to warm you up or cool you down.

Moisture balancing products

Our bedding products have special moisture balancing properties. They are capable of absorbing up to half a litre of the vapour produced by your body overnight, which is then dispersed through the special fabric finish to create a dry and pleasant sleeping climate.

Individual requirements

We are all different and so our sleeping habits and requirements are as individual as we are. That is why Paradies offers such a wide range of products with so many individual properties depending on whether you want something that is particularly bulky or lightweight, quick drying, good for your back or able to cool you down in summer (to name but a few of the options). Every night, you produce up to half a litre of moisture while you sleep.

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