A customer will be allowed to return the product he purchased from website within 30 days through multiple options as explained below.



Customer will be allowed to return the product by choosing “Pick up from home” option. 


  • Customer will require to log in to his account on the website and select the order to choose the product he wishes to return
  • Pick up from home option can be selected for shipping mode before completing the return order
  • An email will be sent to the customer confirming the return of the product
  • Payment will be reversed back to the customer account he used for purchasing the product
  • If the purchase was done through Cash on delivery method, customer account on the website will be credited with the same amount of the return order. This can be redeemed for completing the any future purchases on the website without any restrictions on time
  • The same online credit can be redeemed at any DWELL stores for online purchases as per the conditions specified