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Inside Dwell Furniture & Home Decor
With the world outside your window a bit full-on, interior trends are reflecting the need to turn your home into a haven to which you can retreat to spend time with family and friends

Each year, many colour-influences choose a shade that they think will define the coming 12 months - However, Pantone is widely regarded as the authority of colour trend predictions, and for 2020 they've chosen Classic Blue..

You can also expect to see a growing focus on mindfulness about our homes and what we choose to put in them.

For 2020, Dwell has taken the Historical Sea Ports of the Mediterranean to explore these home trends and bring the very best in-home decor designs from around the world to our Dwell customers.



Be Inspired by historic MALTA

Valletta. The "modern" city built 700 years ago. A masterpiece of the Baroque; a European Art City and a World Heritage Site, this timeless elegance gave us, here at Dwell the inspiration for the Valetta Furniture and accessories Collection for SS20...

The mesmerizing glow of the city by night, where narrow side streets are full of tiny quaint shops and cafés, gave us the Amber and Gold colour palettes for the collection.

The historic architecture gave us the inspiration for the newest furniture pieces, while the marble statues and exotic fruit carvings in the historic buildings found their way into our accessories giving that little touch of baroque glamour to any home.



Step back into history

The Algiers Furniture collection at Dwell reflects the cities ancient and beautiful history. Alongside French colonial architecture, there is the living example of the Kasbah of Algiers. 

The Kasbah has inspired the Ottoman fretwork designs in the vases and candle holders you will see in classic Verdi Gris colours and which styles give a warm familiar feel to any home and reflect this year’s trends of creating home sanctuaries.

The architecture of the French Quarter has influenced and inspired the furniture pieces, Classic French styles made timeless and elegant with new fabric updates and modern colour palettes of soft Taupe and this seasons on trend verdant green.



Italy at it’s finest

In cultural, artistic, and architectural terms Palermo was one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean and is now among the top tourist destinations in both Italy and Europe. 

In the stunning Palazzo Mirto. Murano chandeliers, clocks, tapestries, and porcelains adorn these sumptuous royal rooms and provided us with the shapes and themes we needed to create this truly stunning collection.

Walking on Mondello beach is dazzling. The palette of the sea and sky has countless shades of turquoise blue. Colours that remain etched in the memory and the base of our Palermo collection colour palette.

Genio Museum provides inspiration for the soft furnishing with a rich pattern flooring in a myriad of blue shades and its unique collection of over 2,300 Italian majolica tiles.



The best of both cultures

Gibraltar is steeped in history; the result of an intertwining and moulding of civilisations and cultures which dates back many thousands of years.

This melting pot of cultures gave us the inspiration for the Gibraltar collection at Dwell, from the Moorish invasion in the 11th century giving us North African prints to the Georgian architecture shaping the furniture designs.

Victoriana or the fascination of the Victorians for the exotic, inspires the accessory pieces especially the word famous Monkeys of the rock.


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